United States Steel

Major Accomplishments at United States Steel

Installing Gas Injection Station

  • Directly responsible for field wiring/terminations, completed all wiring of the station ahead of schedule
  • Personally performed loop checks at the Factory Acceptance Test at Arctic Combustion using a 475 communicator and a transcat loop calibrator
  • Worked closely with Lakeside Process Controls, Superior Boilers and Comstock for duration of project
  • Utilized Lakeside’s DeltaV on their Distributed Control System for the station controls, installed remote Charm Input Output and connected to the centralized system via ethernet
  • Installation of this station will allow for the decommissioning of other injection stations in the plant which results in a cost saving in the form of maintenance, ~$40,000 annually

Adding Distributed Control System for #6 Boiler

  • Replace the outdated 352 MOORE controllers on our boilers with Lakeside Process Controls Delta V system
  • Planned and arranged for contractors to run conduit and new field wiring for all control elements back to the DCS
  • Responsible for creating Cable/Conduit and Panel prints by referencing the field
  • Tasked with performing/supervising loop checks during station commissioning
  • Teamed up with Lakeside Process Controls for both planning and implementation of the project

Adding Coke Oven Gas Availability to #8 Boiler

  • Coordinated with HATCH Consulting and Aecon with planning, drawing review, testing and installation
  • Provided the Project Manager and Management Team with details regarding the plant layout and safety aspects of working near a large steam boiler that produces 450psig steam at 450lbs/hour
  • Positively impacted time line of project by taking on extra responsibilities such as directing contractors, providing support for non residents and volunteering to keep full documentation and responsibility for the project inventory
  • Saved $17,000 per day in natural gas by consolidating steam production facilities to use primarily Coke Oven Gas
  • Initiated and took part in a near miss incident report in order to prevent any future incidents with injury

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